Anthony James Williams,

UCLA Sociology PhD,

2017-22 (expected)

Interests: How marginalized communities (Black, queer, and/or disabled) resist and exist within spaces of incarceration and social movements.

Ethnography: Using 100 hours of participant observation on Los Angeles county buses and trains to trace how and why interactions occur among Black passengers.

Advisors: Dr. Marcus Anthony Hunter & Dr. Karida Brown

Research Assistant: Dr. Marcus Anthony Hunter (Destination Crenshaw) and Dr. Karida Brown

Service Work: Race & Ethnicity Working Group Co-Coordinator

CV available for download here.

Academic Publications

The Road to Private Prison Divestment

Boom: A Journal of California, 2016

"Our Black existence is not disposable, our university degrees do not make us any better than incarcerated individuals, and we are making it plain that all Black Lives Matter."

South African Healthcare: Utopian Dream or Failed Reality? (pdf download)

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Journal, 2016

“The National Health Insurance alone is not enough to fix health disparities in the country if the commodification of healthcare and the alienation of rural and unpaid healthcare workers is not first addressed.”

Public Sociology

Why Black Women Organizers Need to Care for Themselves and Each Other — and How They Can Do It

Scholar Strategy Network, 2018

“To cope with routine problems and extra stressors, the Black women organizers I interviewed used ingenious forms of self-care and collective-care. Lessons from their efforts can inform the efforts of other organizers dealing with similar challenges.”

Who Teaches Academics to Theorize?

Inside Higher Ed, 2018

"In addition to racism, heterosexism, ableism and queer antagonism, we often ignore anyone without an academic credential."

Divestment from private prisons and fossil fuels can work

The Hill, 2016

"Two powerful student movements are joining forces with calls for divestment, focusing on two calamities that threaten their future security: mass incarceration and climate change."

#MasculinitySoFragile: An Essay (pdf download)

ASA Sex and Gender Newsletter, November 2015

"When I first started the hashtag #MasculinitySoFragile on Twitter in September, I was not thinking about public sociology. After reading a post from the Twitter user FeministaJones about the violence men inflict on women when their egos are bruised, the tweets flew."