In a 2018 survey to my patrons, I asked them three questions (below), and here are just some of their responses

  1. Why did you begin supporting me on Patreon?
  2. Why have you continued supporting me on Patreon?
  3. How can I make your Patreon experience better?


"I’ve learned a great deal from you and your work—on confronting depression openly, on taking care of self during low times, and on race and social justice. And you’re funny. I particularly enjoy the “how queer are you?” Or “top 3 hits by white women” style posts on Twitter."


"I was both enjoying your content, and learning from you on twitter and medium. Like I have actually applied knowledge I know I definitely picked up from you passing it on. After the first time I did it consciously was when i got myself over to your patreon."
"Beyond that, and actually more, I see (at least some of) the work you’re doing in your twitter community, and to the extent I catch it online, I am aware of the work you’re doing offline. I am grateful for being able to see and support."


"Read one of your essays (on Medium, I think?) and then saw links to others. I spent hours reading your essays and saw a Patreon link and went 'We need more good content like this'. Being in my late 40s, nonbinary wasn't really a thing when I was growing up, but I'm a professor now and my students introduced me to the concept a few years ago. I immediately identified with it
(I'd identified as Asexual for a long time, defined as 'equally disinterested in both men and women', even before 'Ace' was really a thing.)
So, I know when people look at me, they immediately read 'older white lady' and I'd rather spend my time supporting and elevating voices of younger people who have a lot more skin in this game than trying to present myself as more gender-neutral in a body that's like 'nah'."